As it is presented in the passage, the approach to history taken by mainstream U.S. historians of the late nineteenth...

Alyssa on June 25, 2018

Question 7 Answer D

Hello, I am a bit confused on question 7. The correct answer is D, but I do not understand the diagram shown in the video. It puts P and spot 2 and G in spot 5, which would have spots 6, 7, and 1 open. Isn't rule number three that there are exactly two time slots between these? Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!


Christopher on June 28, 2018


You're correct that there must be two positions open between them, and having P in 2 and G in 5 leaves 3 & 4 open between them. The reason this diagram works is that since N must come after L (and due to rule 1 after O as well), LO must be in 3&4 because if they were in 6&7, then N could not come after them. Putting G in 5 means that P MUST be in 2, and LO MUST be in 3&4. Does that answer your question?