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aforster on July 3, 2018

Question 2 game 1

Hello, I am confused about question 2 of the first game which says, "The news tape can be played in any one of the following time slots except the..." I do not understand why the answer is A), second. What I am thinking is that if News has to go after L, and LO go between G__P. Therefore it would be _GLOP__ and N could only go in the sixth or seventh slot. What am I missing here? Thank you!

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aforster on July 3, 2018

Sorry, I figured it out. L and O can be in other positions, but the earliest N can come is 3rd, because LO must be before it, but it cannot be second according to the rules so A 'second' is correct. Thank you.

Christopher on July 6, 2018

@aforster, great job figuring it out!