The author uses the word "immediacy" (line 39) most likely in order to express

Hunter on July 4, 2018

New question on example #4

Hello, I don't believe this has been answered yet. While I was able to find that E was the right answer, for my diagram I translated "By that period, however, Greek cities' all had marketplace, or agorae" into "GC---> MP or A," instead of "GC--->MP." Ok. I realize after typing that I needed to pay more attention to the sentence structure, because I wasn't familiar with the term "agorae." But do you have any other tips on making these distinctions in the future? Should I have been able to conclude based on sentence structure alone that marketplace and agorae were interchangeable? I also wasted time by adding "GT---> M or C" (goods traded, money and commodities). This didn't help me with the answer choices, but should I have known not to waste time on it beforehand? Thank you!

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Hunter on July 4, 2018

Sorry! I see my questions were answered. But I don't know how to delete this post