One good clue as to which geographical regions an ancient relic was moved through in the past involves the analysis o...

smilde11 on July 8, 2018

A vs C

I selected C because it said some pollen is linked to multiple areas and therefore it you would not be able to pin point the which specific geographic location. Is the passage referring to ONLY using pollen that is KNOWN to be unique? At which point C would be irrelevant since this method would not be referring to those types of pollen? Thanks for help!

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Mehran on July 8, 2018

Hi @smilde11, thanks for your post. Yes, the passage is talking about only pollen unique to an area ("the identification of pollen from plants . . known to have been unique to that area"). The stimulus makes this point expressly, which eliminates (C) as entirely irrelevant.

Hope this helps.