Which one of the following statements is most strongly supported by the information in the passage?

on July 9, 2018

Question makes no sense

The passage says nothing about or alludes to anything about water transportation. Can someone explain to me why this is the answer.

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Anita on July 9, 2018

@mws7129 Lines 5-7 have what we need here. These lines discuss flooding and river clogging, and mention recreation. With these combined, it follows that water-based recreation (or transportation) would be affected.

on September 5, 2019

This question is a bit troubling, I thought with the lsat we were never supposed to assume. Transportation is a complete stretch here. Please help me understand.

Irina on September 5, 2019


This question requires us to make an inference, which is a common exercise on the LSAT. The passage mentions that forests help to prevent soil erosion that clogs rivers with silt (recreation is actually not related to the water). It is reasonable to infer that clogged rivers would impede any water-based transportation.

on October 30, 2020

i meannnnn i never would've gone with A.. B maybe but A feels like such a stretch! :/

Alex on October 31 at 10:26PM

Over how long a period of time? How deep are the rivers? Water based transportation along rivers? In Oceans? Water based transportation in Forests? In Grasslands? In General? I mean holy moly that's a lot of unknowns.

I feel like there is more support for D)

"Another claim made is that the preservation of
.biodiversity, the globe's profusion of plant and animal
.species, requires a stricter policy to conserve forest especially tropical rain forest"

Alex on October 31 at 10:27PM

How much silt is required to build up in a river such that it's effects impede water based transportation? And if so in what way?

Alex on October 31 at 10:31PM

Does the silt decrease the water velocity in the river? Does it clog up engines? How am I to assume there aren't just as many positive effects of silt in water on water transportation?

Jeffrey on November 9 at 02:41AM

Makes no sense. Water Transportation? Like What!?!