Columnist: Analysts argue that as baby boomers reach the age of 50, they will begin seriously planning for retiremen...

santzoulis on July 9, 2018

Why not B?

Why is B not a feasible answer, considering the text does state "analysts would stand to gain if this were true." Thanks in advance!

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Anita on July 9, 2018

@santzoulis Good question. We know that the analysts would benefit from their prediction coming true, but not necessarily from just making the prediction. B suggests that they make the prediction because making it will benefit them. ("Suggesting the analysts present it for self-serving reasons.") It's a subtle but important difference!

ulino23 on March 6, 2019

What question type is this??

Ravi on March 12, 2019

@ulino23, this falls under the umbrella of Argument Structure questions.