Which one of the following is given by the passage as a reason for the difficulty a lawyer would have in determining ...

Madelyn-Luskey on July 9, 2018

question 3

Could (E) also be the correct answer choice since the last statement of the passage is, "No single species of dinosaur lived through the entire Mesozoic era?"

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Anita on July 9, 2018

@Madelyn-Luskey In this case, E is about dinosaurs generally, not about a specific species of dinosaurs, so the reason E is correct is because dinosaurs couldn't have lived on the southern half for all of the Mesozoic era because it was covered by water for part of it.

Jashie on January 3, 2019

So for cannot be true questions I was wondering if we apply the same logical strategy as far as verifying your answer choice by finding support in the passage like we do for must be true. Like is it always necessary to diagram?

Ravi on January 3, 2019


Great question. If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend
watching Mehran's video lesson on cannot be true questions. In cannot
be true questions, we do verify our answer choice by seeing how it
cannot be true given the information in the stimulus. In other words,
the answer choice must be false. On these questions, it isn't always
necessary to diagram, but it can be very helpful to, especially if the
question stimulus has a lot of phrases embedded with conditional
logic. Sometimes, however, there won't be much or any conditional
logic, so diagramming won't be necessary.

Does this help? Let us know if you have any other questions!