Which one of the following can most reasonably be inferred from the passage?

CMess on July 11, 2018

Can you tell me where this inference comes from in the passage?

Cannot seem to find where the info from answer A comes from. thx

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Christopher on July 28, 2018

@CMess I know it's going to sound trite, but the answer is "the whole thing." With a question like this, the answer is not going to come from a particular part of the passage (you're not going to find key words) but rather comes from the larger, overall discussion contained within the passage. Sorry that this is vague, but that's why we encourage you to read the whole passage "to understand." If you understand the overall arc of what the author is saying, these inferring questions are actually pretty easy, but if you're lost as to what the passage is talking about, the question is virtually impossible because you will not find particular stimuli within the passage to match up with answer choices.