Grecia: The survey that we are conducting needs to track employment status by age, so respondents should be asked to ...

Kane44 on July 11, 2018


I get why A can be the correct answer, but why does A HAVE to be the correct answer?

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Christopher on July 28, 2018

@Kane44, mostly because all of the other answers are wrong. There are some question types in which there is only one answer possible. There are other question types, like principle questions like this, in which there are many possible correct answers, but only one possible correct answer is given as an answer choice. There COULD theoretically be another principle that explains Hidalgo's stance, but of the 5 principles given, (A) is the only one that fits. So you're right in identifying that A "can" be the correct answer, and it MUST be the correct answer because the other 4 are wrong.