If future improvements to computer simulations of automobile crashes enable computers to provide as much reliable inf...

on July 12, 2018

Question makes no sense

I would imagine that the only possible answer could be cost-related, yet the answer appears to be that test crashes provide little information about safety features. Since the concluding and overarching theme of the question is cost motivated, Im confused as to how the answer is related to the information provided in crash tests.

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Anita on July 12, 2018

@mws7129 There are many possible takeaways from the prompt, so it's best not to just search for one idea here. In this case, we know that if computer simulated tests provide similar safety information, we'll stop using real crashes. This implies that the main, if not sole, reason for these tests is their safety information. If there were some other reason for them, we would continue to use them even if the computer programs showed similar safety information.