Which one of the following assertions from passage A provides support for the view attributed to Maritain in passage ...

on July 12, 2018

Queston 7

In this question answers B and C seem similar to me. In answer B we don't know whether or not the experiment would immediately assist, and in answer C we do not know whether or not future suffering is prevented. I guess my question is what makes these two answers different, and what makes B correct over C? Is it just the contrapositive structure of the principle in B matching that of Mary's decision in the passage?


Michelle on July 29, 2018

Thank you for your question @Indy5

Mary was asked to perform what amounts to medical experiment, so without more information we cannot rule out that the experiment would prevent future animal suffering. Research could, for example, lead to future veterinary treatments for shock. We can, however, rule out the idea that this experiment would immediately assist saving several animal lives or protecting the life of a person because there's no reason at all to believe that would be the case

Meredith on September 30, 2019

I'm still confused as to how you are suppose to know in example 8 that "would" lets you know it's a strengthen with sufficient premise question. Can someone please explain? Or is it the "if" which tells you?

Jon on January 19, 2021

Example #7, answer choice C; I thought "The only" introduced a Sufficient condition?However, mehran did not diagram in this manner. Is 'The only' not a sufficient condition in this example?

Kendra on August 13 at 12:07AM

I have the same question as Jon. ^^^