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cayleephillips on July 14, 2018

downloading the videos

How do you download the videos to your laptop? I saw on the app the download button, but could not found a similar button on the online website.

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Mehran on July 15, 2018

Hi @cayleephillips, thanks for your post. You can only download videos in-app, not via our online website to your laptop. Feel free to contact us if you need further technical assistance, either by tapping "support" on the left menu to open chat, or by calling us at 855.483.7862 (M-F, 9a-6p PST).

cayleephillips on August 2, 2018

okay thank you!

cayleephillips on October 22, 2018

Hi! Is there a way to print out the diagnostic tests? I found the test booklet of diagnostic tests but it didn't match the order of the tests.

cayleephillips on October 22, 2018

Oh wait nevermind yes it does! thank you!