Which one of the following statements most accurately characterizes a difference between the two passages?

megjackson on July 17, 2018


As per the video, the argument was considered flawed when the premise was not true. Are we supposed to use our background knowledge to determine if a premise is true? I had previously thought that we were to consider premises true if the LSAT presents them as true.

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Mehran on July 19, 2018

@megjackson you should absolutely assume that the premises are true because if the argument is attacked by stating that a premise is untrue it would be quite obvious.

Not surprisingly, there have only been a handful of questions on the LSAT that have taken this approach to weakening an argument.

For example, if my "Boy Named Sue" example was an actual LSAT question the correct answer would have to say something like, "Some people named Sue are not girls."

Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.