In a recent study, one group of participants watched video recordings of themselves running on treadmills, and a seco...

on July 18, 2018


Is the answer to this question copied wrong? for it says reading instead of running which made me dismiss the answer as a possible choice.

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Mehran on July 20, 2018

@mws7129 no this question is correct. (D) says "reading" not "running".

Do you see how (D) weakens?

Michelle on July 20, 2018

Hey @mws7129 thanks for your question.

The answer is not copied wrong, but let me explain why the answer choice works.

We are trying to weaken the argument. Remember from the video lecture that way can weaken an argument is by providing a possible alternative explanation than for the observed phenomenon (that is, alternative to the one offered.)

Answer choice C weakens the argument by giving us an alternative explanation to why the experimental group reported higher rates of running. The alternative explanation is: people who observe themselves (or somebody who looks identical to them) performing an activity will overreport how much they themselves perform that activity in the future. The nature of the activity in this case is not important. This is just a POSSIBLE alternative explanation.

If this is the case, then those who observed themselves running would be reporting that they ran more than they actually did.

Hope that helps! Feel free to tag me if you have follow up questions

on October 14 at 10:50PM

I understand that this answer choice is pointing out an error in self reporting but it still doesn't make sense to me. I picked C and see why it is wrong because it says "watching a recording of yourself CAN motivate you" not "it WILL motivate you" but D makes no sense at all. Why does another study have to do with the study in the premise especially when they are not doing the same activity? I don't really understand how this answer choice is relevant aside from pointing out the self-reporting error. I feel like C is a stronger choice than D