A study of 20,000 20- to 64-year-olds found that people's satisfaction with their incomes is not strongly correlated ...

Zahra on July 19, 2018

Question 22

Can someone explain C and E.

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Michelle on July 25 at 12:24AM

Hey @Zahra thanks for you question

C does not make sense because satisfaction with income cannot be correlated with "neighborhood." In this stimulus "neighborhood" is not a measurable variable we can correlate with income satisfaction in a meaningful way. The correlation that exist in this case is one's income satisfaction with favorability of comparison of one's own income to their neighbors' incomes.

That's why E does work. Because if everybody's income increases, then there won't be a change in how my income compares to my neighbors. I got an increase, but so did they.

Hope that helps!

Lexi on July 7 at 02:47AM

Hello, it looks like the instructors previous reply was a blank message. Can someone please explain why E is correct? Thank you!