Each child in a group of young children read aloud both a short paragraph and a list of randomly ordered words from t...

smilde11 on July 19, 2018

Please explain

I got this right with (C) but I think I got lucky. Could you please explain? Thank you!

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Christopher on July 28, 2018

@smilde11, this is a paradox question, so you're looking for the answer that gives you a viable explanation for why two phenomena that seemingly should be the same are different (or should be different and are the same). There's not really a way to diagram these or a shortcut to understanding them, so while you may feel like you got lucky, you're probably actually "getting it."

To get these, you need to read the whole question to understand it and then see what answer gives a solid explanation and fits all the facts. (C) does that. The others don't.

I hope that helps.