Which one of the following assertions from passage A provides support for the view attributed to Maritain in passage ...

santzoulis on July 20, 2018


Why is D a better answer choice than E?

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Mehran on July 20, 2018

Hi @santzoulis, thanks for your post. The lines in Passage B (50-52) state that communicative calls are "merely a conditional reflex: animals may use communicative signs but lack conscious intention regarding their use." This dovetails with Passage A (lines 13-17), which states that there is "no evidence that [this specific frog] does so because he attributes knowledge . . ." to other frogs. Answer choice (D) describes this point: that frogs call each other, but there is no evidence that they have any sense of other frog's "knowledge" in hearing these calls. Answer choice (E) does not discuss this issue of lack of knowledge; it just mentions the use of communicative signs by animals. That doesn't address the lack of conscious intention / knowledge that the two pieces of the passages at issue here really emphasize.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.