For consumers, the most enjoyable emotional experience garnered from shopping is feeling lucky. Retailers use this fa...

teddyteddted on July 22, 2018

Could You Explain

This is probably one of the easiest MP questions ever but I'm not seeing how the correct answer choice is the correct answer choice. Would you please be kind enough to do a quick explanation?

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Mehran on July 23, 2018

Hi @teddyteddted, thanks for your post. Happy to explain!

This stimulus contains an argument. The conclusion is that retailers "too often resort to using advertised price cuts to promote their wares." Why too often? Because (here is the premise): such price cuts "cut into profit margins and undermine customer loyalty."

Answer choice (C) articulates the overall conclusion (main point): that advertised price cuts are overused as a means of gaining retail sales.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

xDaltonLaney on November 12, 2019

Why is E incorrect