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Esther on July 26, 2018

question 14

Why was C eliminated based off jerry driving on thursday if rule 4 states "jerry may also drive on other days"

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Christopher on July 27, 2018

@esther, the problem is that Jerry is ONLY driving on Thursday in that hypothetical. The rule is that he MUST drive on Wednesday, Saturday, or both. It's possible for him to drive other days as well, but he MUST drive on one of those two. Since he is only driving on Thursday in that hypothetical, it doesn't work.

Does that help?

RYAN on February 1, 2019

if you miss the "must meet the following conditions" at the end of the scenario, when you read the rule for Jerry it seems like there is no fixed place for him to drive. The rule itself doesn't say that Jerry MUST drive on Weds or Sat or both, just that Jerry drives on Wed, Sat or both and any other day...if you miss the "must" at the end of the scenario, it makes it seem like Jerry COULD drive any day and that he doesn't have to drive a specific day. But when you combine the Jerry rule with the last part of the scenario that says "must meet the following conditions" it clears up potential uncertainty with where Jerry fits. Tricky...

Ravi on February 10, 2019


Excellent point! This is exactly the type of analysis that allows one
to answer all of the logic games questions correctly. Keying in on key
phrases in the rules helps you make sure that your game setup is
sound. Keep up the great work, and keep up the awesome participation
on the message boards!