Most people in the United States view neither big nor small business as particularly efficient or dynamic and regard ...

teddyteddted on July 27, 2018

More explanation of Most Quantifiers

Hi there! Would you be kind enough to explain working through most quantifier statements? I'm reading my notes from the lesson plan and can't seem to apply them to this question. Please advise - thank you so much!

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Christopher on July 27, 2018

@teddyteddted, that's because the quantifiers are largely irrelevant to solving this problem. The question isn't asking anything about the quantity of people who feel one way or another, so the "mosts" in this question are really a bit of a red herring. So you're probably doing fine with most quantifier statements. This is just a tricky question.

Did you need help with the question itself, or was that the main issue?

teddyteddted on August 1, 2018

Thank you so much! No further explanation needed. :)