At the request of Grove Park residents, speed bumps were installed on all streets in their neighborhood. However, alt...

kdehoyos on July 30, 2018

please explain

I selected answer choice D. Could you please explain why this answer choice is incorrect. Thank you,

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MichelleRod on July 31, 2018

Thanks for your question @kdehoyos

Answer choice D says the argument in the stimulus "contains the tacit assumption that residents of neighborhoods should have the right to restrict traffic to their communities." This is not true of the argument in the stimulus.

In fact, the opposite is true. If we go back to the stimulus, the arguer says that "the neighborhood is not a private community, and its streets were built with public funds, and this all drivers have the right to use them whenever they please." If the residents restricted traffic in their neighborhood,that would directly conflict with drivers' rights to use the roads whenever they please. Therefore the author of this argument does not assume, tacitly or otherwise, that residents of a neighborhood have the right to restrict traffic.

Hope this helps! You can tag me if you have follow up questions