Which one of the following describes a preference that is most analogous to the preference mentioned in the first par...

LizD on August 1, 2018

Why not A?

Can someone please explain why B is correct?

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Anita on August 2, 2018

@LizD Paragraph one talks about wanting some level of interest, but not too much complexity that it’s overwhelming. A movie with a plot is interesting, but if the plot is clear and straightforward, it is still easy to follow without being too overwhelming. That’s what B is going for here.

alva on August 19, 2019

Why not A?

CHLee on November 10, 2019

Why not A??

annasc on February 11, 2020

Line 5 says: "A single, pure tone is not that interesting to explore; a measure of intricacy is required to excite human curiosity."

I also originally thought A until I reread that line and a fan that makes the same noise would be the same as a pure tone that is not interesting so it can't be the answer!