Last year the county park system failed to generate enough revenue to cover its costs. Any business should be closed ...

LizD on August 6, 2018

Why not E?

Could you explain why the answer is A and not E?

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joryjes on September 6, 2018

Can someone please respond to this?

Max-Youngquist on September 7, 2018

@LizD @joryjes the passage can be diagrammed as:

Fact: the county park system was un-profitable last year
Fact: the country park system is not a business
Premise: any unprofitable business should be closed (UPB ==> C)

Notice although the county park system shares a common quality with some businesses (being unprofitable), we can only make a conclusion about unprofitable businesses.

(A) can be diagrammed as:

Fact: the documentary series attracted a small audience
Fact: the documentary series was not during prime-time
Premise: any prime-time series with a small audience should be cancelled

Again, although the documentary shares a common quality with some prime-time series (small audience), we can only make a conclusion about prime-time series that have a small audience.

(E) is a different pattern:

Fact: Minors are not subject to the same criminal laws as adults
C: Minors should not be subject to the same punishments as adults

So unlike the passage and (A), (E) only ever mentions the DIFFERENT qualities between two subjects (the laws they are subject to). I hope that helps!