A recent study confirmed that salt intake tends to increase blood pressure and found that, as a result, people with h...

Ro13 on August 9, 2018

Please Help

Can you explain how E is correct, please? Thanks in advance

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Anita on August 9, 2018

@Ro13 We’re looking for a potential explanation for why some people in the study could have low blood pressure but high salt intake. There are many potential explanations for this, so this may be one where you want to go into the answers with an open mind.

E tells us that people with very low blood pressure have high salt cravings, which helps stabilize their blood pressure. This makes sense. It could be that the people in the study who already had very low blood pressure crave salt, so their intake is high, but they don’t have the same high blood pressure as others because their BP started at a much lower place.

mamie on November 16, 2019

I found this question to be very difficult and I am wondering what kind of question this is? Could you please explain why D can be eliminated? Thanks!