Cynthia: Corporations amply fund research that generates marketable new technologies. But the fundamental goal of sc...

smilde11 on August 9, 2018

PT 50, S2, Q11

I couldn't crack this one. Could you explain why the answer is E? Thank you!

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Anita on August 9, 2018

@smilde11 For point of agreement/disagreement/contention/etc. questions, the first thing to do when you see an answer is ask: what does each person think of this? If you don’t know what each person thinks, it can’t be the correct answer.

When we look at E, we are presented with the question of whether government funding should go to basic scientific research that does not necessarily lead to new, useful technologies.

We can then ask, what does each person think of this? We know Cynthia thinks that the government should fund scientific research for the sake of the research, no matter the usefulness. We also know that Luis thinks that the government should fund research that leads to new technologies. We know what both think, and since we’re looking for a disagreement and they disagree here, this is the answer!