Antibiotics are standard ingredients in animal feed because they keep animals healthy and increase meat yields. Howev...

teddyteddted on August 10, 2018

Could You Please Map This?

Pretty Please, I'm having a hard time making the formal logic connection to answer choice E.

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MichelleRod on August 16, 2018

Thanks for your question @teddyteddted

The stimulus tells us that farmers use antibiotics to increase meat yields. From this we can logically say that the termination of antibiotic use would lead to a decreased meat yield, as compared to when antibiotics are used. In the last sentence, the stimulus says that reduced meat yields will lead to farmers going out of business.

So the chain of causality is as follows: if farmers phase out antibiotics, they will have reduced meat yields, which will in turn lead to them going out of business. If farmers found an alternative way to increase meat yields, this causal chain would be broken. That's captured in answer choice E.