Every delegate to the convention is a party member. Some delegates to the convention are government officials, and ea...

on August 11 at 04:56AM

Map Out

Hey there, just wondering if you could map this out. It seems like answer choice D is a reversal but I'm not sure if the words as well mean <---> Please advise, thank you!

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Michelle on August 15 at 05:19PM

Thanks for your question, @teddyteddted

"As" well does not serve any logical function.

Let's map:

DC - > PM
not PM - > DC

DC -s- GO
SC -s- DC

GO & DC - > SC
not SC - > not GO or not DC

Answer choice D is wrong because it reverses negating. Remember, to get the contrapositive of a statement we must reverse AND negate.

Hope this helps!