Elaine: The purpose of art museums is to preserve artworks and make them available to the public. Museums, therefore...

on August 13, 2018

Why is B correct

I'm having a hard time understanding why B is correct. I understand why A is incorrect (my original answer) but I don't see where Frederick mentions anything about genres. Are we to assume that recognized masters is a genre of its own?

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Michelle on August 17, 2018

Thanks for your question @AnanyaK

Fredrick's statement is that "Art museums ought to devote their limited resources to acquiring the artwork of recognized masters." Because he does not mention genres at all, we can surmise that he does not consider genre representation an important criteria for what museums should be seeking to acquire. He thinks that looking for the works of recognized masters is the important criteria. We already know that Elaine believes genre representation to be an important criteria for what art museums ought to look for. This is where they would likely disagree.

on February 24, 2021

Hello - thank you for the above, that is very helpful. Please could you explain why D is incorrect here? Thank you!