Between 1976 and 1985, chemical wastes were dumped into Cod Bay. Today, 3 percent of the bay's bluefin cod population...

djayasinghe on August 13, 2018

Can someone explain?

Can someone explain this question and each of the answers please?

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avggmc on September 14, 2018

Ditto to the above

Eden on January 9, 2019

I don't see how the answer is B....

MichelleRod on January 13, 2019

Thanks for the questions @djayasinghe @avggmc @Eden

The claim we are trying to evaluate is whether "the deformity in the bluefin cod must have been cause by the presence of those chemicals inCod Bay."

Let's go through the answer choices.

A and B go directly to the causal link between the chemicals and the deformities.s

D and E offer alternate explanations, besides the chemicals, for the cods' deformities.

Answer choice C is about how the cods' deformities might be affecting humans. It speaks to the level of damage done, but it has nothing to do with whether the chemicals caused the deformities.

Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any further questions.