Researcher: This fall I returned to a research site to recover the armadillos I had tagged there the previous spring...

Jaimee-Salgado on August 15, 2018

Why is A incorrect?

Can you help me understand by A is incorrect?

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drossi021 on August 18, 2018

Can you please tell me why A is not correct?

Anita on August 18, 2018

@Jamiee-Salgado Here, we're concerned about the tagged armadillos, not the untagged ones. This means that it doesn't matter much how many were able to avoid being tagged. What we're concerned about is how quickly they move.

E works here because if the researcher believes they didn't stray far from where they started, they have to believe that the armadillos didn't migrate for winter and simply come back to where they started.