Which one of the following could be the order, from first to last, in which the students perform?

Emily on August 16, 2018

Set Up

This is a simple Linear Game correct? Not sure what I did wrong with the set up but I was not able to breeze through and got 4/5 questions correct. Can someone please explain how to make a chain here? Or all the deductions possible with information provided? Thanks!

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Anita on August 16, 2018

@EmilyMarieMenendez This one is a linear game, correct! Here's my set up:
__ __ __ __ __
1 2 3 4 5

- G - F
- K - H & J

You can also combine the last ones to be K - HF/FH & J. From this, we know K has to be first or second because three letters are behind it.

For this question -
Trying: KGJFH

- G is before F
- K is before J and H
- F and H are next to each other
It works!

Emily on August 16, 2018

Thank you!