Which one of the following is a list of foods that could be the foods selected?

EmilyMarieMenendez on August 16, 2018

Question HELP

Wow this one I really don't know what happened. I'm pretty sure I screwed up with the set up. For this question. was N/V at least one in? So at least one out? The set up explanation would be great. Thanks!

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Anita on August 16, 2018

@EmilyMarieMenendez This is at least one out for N/V, but both can be out! For this one, it's easiest to go through the rules to see what works. Here's my typed out set up:

In: __ __ __ __ __ (5)
Out: __ __ __ (3)

D: Fh, G
M: Nh, O, P
S: Th, V, W

- At least one each category
- At least one h
- If P or W then both
- G —> O (not O —> not G)
- N —> NOT V (V —> not N)

Trying: FOPTW
- There's at least one from each category
- There's at least one hot food
- Both P and W
- No G, so irrelevant
- Neither N nor V, so irrelevant

Does that help?

EmilyMarieMenendez on August 16, 2018

Yes, so as for the set up, are there any dishes that must be in?