Which one of the following, if substituted for the constraint that Generations starts on the hour rather than the hal...

Emily on August 16 at 06:17PM


I don't think I understand what this question is replacing as for the G condition?

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Anita on August 16 at 06:50PM

So we're trying to replace the rule that G is shown on the hour. If we look at C, it tells us that it cannot be shown in the second or fourth slots (there are six slots total.) G also cannot be shown starting on the 6th slot, since it takes up two slots. This means that in effect, it can only be shown on the 1st, third, and fifth slots, which are the times of 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00. This perfectly replaces the rule! Does that make sense or would you prefer a diagram?

Emily on August 16 at 07:38PM

It makes sense now! Thank you.