According to the passage, the LRCWA's report recommended that contingency-fee agreements

Will on August 22, 2018

Example 10

I have a question as to why B is correct. From my understanding the passage is talking about dinosaurs, not a species similar to dinosaurs. Therefore, it would be irrelevant in my point of view the fact that a similar species to dinosaurs did not die. Please explain, thank you.

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Anita on August 22, 2018

@Will, thanks for the question. In this case, it is relevant what happened to similar species. If there was an event that would have killed off animals with a certain physiology, then you would expect all animals with that sort of physiology to die. However, if it were only the dinosaurs and not similar animals, such as other large prehistoric reptiles, then it would raise questions as to the validity of the assertion. Does that help?

Jersson-Morocho on April 1, 2019

Wouldn't answer A be the better choice since it shows an alternate cause with the same effect? The answer also states that schools of paleontology adhere to this different theory so it would have some credibility.