Even though she thought the informant was untrustworthy, the journalist promised not to reveal his identity so long a...

EmilyMarieMenendez on August 24, 2018

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Please explain the thought process here.

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Anita on August 25, 2018

@EmilyMarieMenendez Here, the prompt is telling us there are a couple ways the journalist could reveal the informant’s identity:
A) If the information is incorrect or
B) If ordered to do so by a judge or her editor
The conclusion is that the information is correct, but she will still have to reveal the identity. That leaves open only the option that she will be ordered to do so by a judge or her editor.
We’re looking for an answer that would fill in why it is that she could be forced to do so. C tells us that since the information concerns safety, a judge will order her to reveal the informant. That fixes the gap.