If Sonja performs first, which one of the following must be true?

EmilyMarieMenendez on August 25, 2018

Game Type

Is this a GURU game? I have been having trouble identifying whether or not to start drawing out the possibilities for some games. What can I do to easily identify whether it is worth it to draw out possibilities or not? I know in the games lesson it is mentioned that a very restrictive rule can trigger a GURU game however I seem to only notice if there is a clear pattern such as "No boy is next to a girl, bgbgbgb."

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Anita on August 25, 2018

@EmilyMarieMenendez It could be up to how fast you can find the answers, but if it helps, I didn't solve this as a GURU game and just went straight to the questions. Usually I also only spot them when there's a very restrictive pattern, like the one you mentioned, or a large block in the middle, but again, it also has to do with whether it's faster for you to find the answers first or to go straight to the questions.

EmilyMarieMenendez on August 25, 2018

Did you solve this as a simple linear game? With all conditions written out? What deductions were you able to make before jumping into the questions?