The advanced technology of ski boots and bindings has brought a dramatic drop in the incidence of injuries that occur...

Gabriella on August 26, 2018

LR QUESTION 17 (1991)

Why is the correct answer choice A instead of B? The answer asks for an answer that conflicts, however, A directly CONTRADICTS the passage.

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Gabriella on August 26, 2018

October 1991 LR1 Q17

Avi on May 26, 2020

Great question Gabriella. I also struggled with this one and I picked answer B. The reason that A isn't correct is because we don't know the number of deaths in 1950. All we know is the percentages of 9/1000. According to this, it is possible that there were very few skiers in 1950, less than 300 would result in less deaths than 3. What we do know is that there is a higher percentage of deaths, based on the end of the passage. Hope that helps.