In a survey of consumers in an Eastern European nation, respondents were asked two questions about each of 400 famous...

Sean on August 31, 2018

PT 13, S4, Q22

Could you please explain why the answer is A? Thank you!

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Max on September 1, 2018

@smilde11 this question is a little tricky. Think about it this way: in order to give a reasonable quality rating to a given brand, it's necessary that you recognize the brand. If you didn't even recognize a brand, how could you say anything more about it, especially about its quality?

So the principle in (A) states that you should not ask a question to ALL respondents if it cannot be reasonably answered by a subset of respondents, namely the subset of respondents who answered ANOTHER question on the survey a certain way. This brand recognition/quality example violates that principle because those respondents who answer another question a certain way (that they don't recognize the brand) cannot reasonably answer a question about that brand's quality. So the quality question should NOT be given to all respondents. I hope that helps!

Ryan on October 17, 2020

I narrowed it down between A and B, but selected B simply because I understood what the answer choice was attempting to convey. Is the poor wording choice of A typical on the LSAT?