In a survey of consumers in an Eastern European nation, respondents were asked two questions about each of 400 famous...

Sean on August 31 at 01:55PM

PT 13, S4, Q22

Could you please explain why the answer is A? Thank you!

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Max on September 1 at 06:14AM

@smilde11 this question is a little tricky. Think about it this way: in order to give a reasonable quality rating to a given brand, it's necessary that you recognize the brand. If you didn't even recognize a brand, how could you say anything more about it, especially about its quality?

So the principle in (A) states that you should not ask a question to ALL respondents if it cannot be reasonably answered by a subset of respondents, namely the subset of respondents who answered ANOTHER question on the survey a certain way. This brand recognition/quality example violates that principle because those respondents who answer another question a certain way (that they don't recognize the brand) cannot reasonably answer a question about that brand's quality. So the quality question should NOT be given to all respondents. I hope that helps!