"Addiction" has been defined as "dependence on and abuse of a psychoactive substance " Dependence and abuse do not al...

smilde11 on September 2, 2018

PT 14, S4, Q13

I'm having trouble understanding this one. Can you explain why the answer is C? Thank you!

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Max-Youngquist on September 2, 2018

@smilde11 we can diagram the argument as AD ==> D & AB. So if we can find one example of someone who is addicted, but not BOTH dependent on and abusing a psychoactive drug, then "addiction" is defined incorrectly (as the conclusion states).

So we are looking for an answer choice that identifies an addict, but is missing either D, AB or both. The passage states that "cancer patients can become dependent on Morphine, but that is not abusing it." So we've identified a scenario where AB is absent. But note that the passage does not state cancer patients who are dependent on Morphine are addicted to it. (C) fills in that gap so that we now have a new definition for addiction:

AD ==> D

I hope that helps!