Since there is no survival value in an animal's having an organ that is able to function when all its other organs ha...

LizD on September 4, 2018

Why E?

Hello. I got the right answer but I was hoping someone could walk me through it, step for step? Thank you.

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Max-Youngquist on September 5, 2018

@lizd the argument is:

1) no survival value of an organ that outlasts other organs
2) natural selection is efficient (it only leads to evolutions that increase survival value)
C: no organ is likely to evolve in a way that it can outlast other organs

Similarly E's argument is:

1) Creating an auto part that outlasts all other parts does not raise the quality of the vehicle
2) Auto parts need to raise the quality of the vehicle to be cost effective
C: Creating auto parts that outlast all other parts is not cost effective

I hope that helps!