Experienced gardeners advise against planting snap peas after late April because peas do not develop properly in warm...

joryjes on September 5, 2018

Why not A

I went back and forth between A and B and eventually chose A. Why is A boy also exhibiting an exception to a rule, in that this crop of tomatoes were grown near dill and they taste fine?

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Max-Youngquist on September 6, 2018

@joryjes the key is that (B) supplies a reason for why it's LIKELY OK to plant violets facing south IN THIS SPECIFIC CASE. Why? Because these south-facing windows are shaded by evergreen trees.

(A) does not provide a REASON for why it's OK to plant tomatoes near dill in this case. It simply says that these specific tomatoes taste fine, so the rule should be ignored IN GENERAL.

I hope that helps!