If Griseldi's session is on the 5th, then which one of the following must be true?

Elizabeth on September 5 at 06:35PM

Clearification please

Hello. Can you please walk me through this question? Thank you.

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Max on September 6 at 03:57AM

@lizd since we know there are at least two spots between H & M, we have either H _ _ M or M _ _ H. Let's try H _ _ M first.

Since G is on the fifth and K is the following day, we have: _ _ _ _ G K _

Since J is after M, the only way for H _ _ M to fit with J after M is for H to go first, with M 4th and J last: H _ _ M G K J.

Then since we know F is on a later day than L, we have: H L F M G K J. However, L can't be 2nd. So that rules out H _ _ M as a possible scenario.

So we know we have M _ _ H. Going back to our board of _ _ _ _ GK _ , you can see we can't have H in the 4th spot, because that would again force L into the 2nd spot since L - F - GK. So that means H must be in the 7th spot, so (B) is correct.

I hope that helps!

Ryan on June 17 at 09:57AM

so once you have H in the seventh spot, then M must be in the fourth spot. But now you have no place for J. so you violate a rule either way. there should be no correct answer here.

Ravi on June 17 at 05:40PM


Great question.

We know that G is in 5, which means K must be in K

_ _ _ _ G K _

Remember, the first rule just tells us that H and M have to have at
least 2 pieces separating them. However, they don't have to have
exactly two pieces between them. Thus, we could have M in 1 and H in

M _ _ _ G K H

We know that J, L, and F are left, and L can't go in 2 but needs to go
before F. We can put L and F in 3 and 4 and J in 2.


This is a valid game board, and here H is in 7, so (B) is the correct
answer choice.

The key thing is to remember that M and H can have more than 2 spaces
between them.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!