If Griseldi's session is on the 5th, then which one of the following must be true?

LizD on September 5, 2018

Clearification please

Hello. Can you please walk me through this question? Thank you.

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Max-Youngquist on September 6, 2018

@lizd since we know there are at least two spots between H & M, we have either H _ _ M or M _ _ H. Let's try H _ _ M first.

Since G is on the fifth and K is the following day, we have: _ _ _ _ G K _

Since J is after M, the only way for H _ _ M to fit with J after M is for H to go first, with M 4th and J last: H _ _ M G K J.

Then since we know F is on a later day than L, we have: H L F M G K J. However, L can't be 2nd. So that rules out H _ _ M as a possible scenario.

So we know we have M _ _ H. Going back to our board of _ _ _ _ GK _ , you can see we can't have H in the 4th spot, because that would again force L into the 2nd spot since L - F - GK. So that means H must be in the 7th spot, so (B) is correct.

I hope that helps!

Maybeillgetlucky on June 17, 2019

so once you have H in the seventh spot, then M must be in the fourth spot. But now you have no place for J. so you violate a rule either way. there should be no correct answer here.

Ravi on June 17, 2019


Great question.

We know that G is in 5, which means K must be in K

_ _ _ _ G K _

Remember, the first rule just tells us that H and M have to have at
least 2 pieces separating them. However, they don't have to have
exactly two pieces between them. Thus, we could have M in 1 and H in

M _ _ _ G K H

We know that J, L, and F are left, and L can't go in 2 but needs to go
before F. We can put L and F in 3 and 4 and J in 2.


This is a valid game board, and here H is in 7, so (B) is the correct
answer choice.

The key thing is to remember that M and H can have more than 2 spaces
between them.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have any questions!

Monique on March 15, 2023

Thanks for the written instruction... Yes, it does help with highlighting H and M can have more than 2 spaces between them. I was stuck on this concept.