The passage provides the strongest support for inferring that Lessing holds which one of the following views?

LizD on September 5, 2018

Why B?

I don't understand why the answer is B? Could someone please explain? Thank you

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Max-Youngquist on September 6, 2018

@LizD the key line in the passage supporting (B) is: "originality of vision is one of the fundamental qualities by which artistic, as opposed to purely aesthetic, accomplishment is measured." (39 - 41). In other words, a painting is more than just the visual appeal of the brushstrokes on the canvas. The historical circumstances surrounding the creation of the work are crucial. That's why Lessing believes even a forged that perfectly mimics the technique of an original painting should be viewed as inferior. I hope that helps!

Samantha-Alexis on July 8, 2019

How is answer E incorrect?