Each December 31 in Country Q, a tally is made of the country's total available coal supplies—that is, the total amou...

Sean on September 9, 2018

PT 20, S1, Q24

I'm confused by this question/answer. Wouldn't we have to make the assumption that the same amount of coal was mined both years?

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Stephanie on May 19, 2019

Please explain

Margine on April 24 at 02:31AM

Please explain

Natasia on June 5 at 03:00PM

Please explain

Rachel on September 12 at 07:45PM

Please Explain we've been asking for two years.

on September 23 at 08:44PM

Yeah.. Need an explanation as well, please.

on September 23 at 08:50PM

Hi, actually for everyone who's asking, I think I understand the answer now.

Each year, there is a total amount of coal available that has not been consumed. So let's say for 1990 and 1991, we have the following numbers.

1990 - Mined: 100
1990 - Consumed: 50
1990 - Total available: 50

Because 1991's total available coal is considerably lower than the total available in 1990, then it must be under 50, so let's say it's 20.

1991 - Mined: X
1991 - Consumed: 30 + X
1991 - Total available: 20

Therefore, the amount consumed in 1991 is more than the amount mined (X) and so the answer is B.