Mayor McKinney's policies have often been criticized on the grounds that they benefit only wealthy city residents, bu...

Christy-Earls on September 13, 2018

Problem with conclusion

Initially looking at this argument, I outlined the conclusion as the first sentence... Now, looking at the correct answer, I'm assuming it is actually the last sentence, is this accurate?

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Julie-V on July 12, 2019

This is how I approached the stimulus to get my answer. If someone could double-check I would greatly appreciate it!

I think the argument would be "... that is not a fair evaluation", referencing to the criticism that Mayor McKinney's policies only benefit wealthy city residents. The sentences after would be the premises to support it, which would lead us to choose D as the correct answer.

Ravi on July 30, 2019


The conclusion is the first sentence, so your initial thoughts were correct.


Your approach to this question is great. That's exactly how you should
be looking at this one. Keep up the hard work!

Let us know if you have any other questions!