Principle: Anyone who has more than one overdue book out on loan from the library at the same time must be fined if s...

nb101 on September 17, 2018


Hello, I chose D and I was wondering why the answer choice was B. Thank You in Advance

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claire_crites on May 21, 2019

I choose D as well and was wondering why that was wrong!

Eugenia-Ouyang on October 18, 2019

D is wrong because although it did refer to prior overdue charges, it doesn't mention about how many books are currently overdue and if any of them are not children books. At least this was my reasoning for crossing it out.

shunhe on December 26, 2019

Hi all,

@Eugenia-Ouyang is very close! The stimulus does tell us how many books are currently overdue. Kessler has three overdue books, so Kessler satisfies that requirement. However, as Eugenia points out, (D) does not tell us if any of Kessler's books that are currently overdue are children's books or not, and so (D) is not the answer.

(B) does provide both remaining conditions. It tells us that one of the overdue books is not a children's book, and he has been fined in the past before. Hope this helps!