Based on the passage, it can be concluded that the author and Broyles-González hold essentially the same attitude toward

Delete1 on October 2, 2018

What is the sufficient for this flashcard

P: A-most-B P: ? C: A-most-not x I can answer the majority of these drills correctly, but I am having a hard time understanding why the answer is B-->not x. This is how I drew out the first premise (most As are B) BBBB AAAA But then it states the missing premise is B-->not X or "all Bs are not X." If the shared sufficient between the two are B, why is the first premise written as A-most-B? Should it be B-most-A for this flash card to work? What am I missing?

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Delete1 on October 2, 2018

Sorry, my B over A "sketch" didn't format how I wanted it, its supposed to be the Bs shifted off to the left slightly over 3As to reflect most As are Bs but that we don't know how many Bs there are..