A recent study showed that the immune system blood cells of the study's participants who drank tea but no coffee took...

smilde11 on October 29, 2018

PT 75, S3, Q19

Correctly chose C, but this question confused me. I don't understand how blood cells taking longer to respond to germs = a boosted immune system. Wouldn't a stronger immune system react quicker to germs? Can you help me understand this? Thanks for your help!

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Mehran on October 31, 2018

Hi @smilde11, thanks for your post. It's possible you are misreading the stimulus? It says that a recent study showed those who drink tea, but no coffee, have immune system blood cells that took *half as long* to respond to germs, compared to those who drink coffee but no tea. Thus, the conclusion is that drinking tea BOOSTS the immune system (because it takes blood cells half as long to respond to germs - i.e., tea drinkers' blood cells are FASTER than coffee drinkers'). Does that help clarify? Please let us know if you have any additional questions.