Which one of the following could be the list of the students who work the second shifts at the gallery, in order from...

BIC on November 4, 2018

set up explanation?

is it possible to be walked through the set up and deductions for this game?

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Jacob-R on November 4, 2018

Here is how I would set up this game and answer this problem. If you have questions about other specific problems for this game please comment on that problem.

I would start by drawing two columns of 5 slots (one column for each shift, and each slot for each day.) I would then illustrate the rules:

No XX (for no working both shifts of any day

Next to my second column, and NOT L next to my first column (since each student only works two shifts)

Next to my first column (to show that it is no consecutive), and NOT G next to my second column.

K -> T + F

HJ/JH (at least once)


Now we can dive into the problem. The easiest way to approach a problem like this is to apply each answer to the rule list, and see if it violates any. The question is asking about second shifts from Monday to Friday.

First, we know that L has to work consecutive second shifts, so we can instantly knock off answers C and D.

We also know that G can’t work a second shift, so B is gone as well.

Down to A and E! There is not an obvious rule violation, so my recommendation here is to work through the first shift with the second shift given, to see if we get a rule violation.

Doing that with E:

We know K works Tuesday and Friday, so we can fill both of those in for our first shift. We also know there has to be one H/J or J/H, so we put in our second H on Thursday.

All that remains is our two Gs, and it doesn’t violate the rule of working two non consecutive days. BUT notice that one of the Gs will be on the same day as L (Monday). We therefore found our rule violation, and so A must be the correct answer.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have further questions.

Patricia-Adekunle on August 23, 2019

^^visually, this explanation is a bit confusing.