Exactly how many of the artifacts are there any one of which could have originated in Norway?

Anna on November 5, 2018

Still confused

I've watched the video explaining question number 17 multiple times and I am still not understanding how 3 artifacts can come from Norway. One of the rules is thatbmore artifacts have originated in Iceland than in Norway, and if 3 originate in Norway, then only 2 would come from Iceland which would break that rule.

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Ravi on December 28, 2018


Happy to help! I think you're misreading what the question is asking for. You're right—in any one sub game board, I must have more artifacts than N, so the most artifacts that N could have in a game board is 2. However, that's not what the question is asking. The question is asking exactly how many of the artifacts are there any of which could have originated in Norway? The key words in this phrase are "any one of which," and this question is basically asking us, "if we examine all of the possible game boards for this problem, which of the artifacts could potentially be in N?"

We know that WY can't go into N because in that game board, we would have to put the other 3 artifacts into I, and that would contradict the rule that if V is in I - ->Z is in S

Let's check the other artifacts.

If we put Z in N, WY in I, and V and X in S, we have


This satisfies all of our rules.

Now, what if we put X and V in N? (This game board is from answering the second question)


This game board also satisfies all of our rules. From these two game boards, we see that Z, X, and V are all artifacts that could theoretically go into N. Therefore, we know that there are 3 artifacts that could have originated in Norway, so our answer is C.

Does this make sense? Let us know if you have more questions!

Angel92 on April 21, 2022

I also have a hard time understanding this type of question because I'm trying my best not to violate the rules. So, when it comes to could be true questions, based on my understanding of your explanation and setup. I have to disregard the "must be true" type of rules in connection with whatever the could be true question is asking me?? Because that's how I'm understanding from your explanation. Let me know. Thank you!!

Emil-Kunkin on May 9, 2022

Hi Angel92,

This is indeed a frustrating question type. My approach to this is not the same as it would be for a must be true or a could be true (although this type is closer to a could be true than any other question type). Rather, when I see a question that asks how many (or which specific) of the items/people could go in a specific position, I go item/person by item/person.

That is, I would start with V, determine if it could have come from Norway, then move on to W, then X, then Y, and finally Z. After that, I would count up the yesses, and choose that number as the right answer.

Note that this can be a bit time consuming, so I may start with other questions in the same game in order to generate additional scenarios that show which ones are in fact able to go in Norway.